Affiliate marketing via social media is a fast and enjoyable way of making money online.

Nowadays, with a large number of people on social media, it has become a common trend to find potential customers for products via these channels.

Social media networks like Facebook allow you to send traffic to an affiliate to an advertiser’s page and get rewarded for it.

This is easier said than done, however, as you still have to take time to create value to gain followers. Many people make the mistake of simply adding too many links without creating value which can end up being a bit unattractive. If people suspect you of spamming, they will lose interest in what you are promoting and that means missing out on potential sales.

With Facebook continuing to develop measures to curb too many sales related posts on their news feed platform, you have to know how and when to place affiliate links on your posts so they can be visible to your followers.

Other social sites like Twitter don’t offer an escape route either for marketers with poor linking practices. You still have to learn how to promote your links properly whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

In this article, I will share some of the proven tips you can use to increase traffic from your social media accounts to create value and make money with affiliate marketing.

Promoting on Facebook

As far as social media networks go, Facebook can be rightfully branded as the top dog. With over 1 billion people on Facebook, this title is well deserved. As an affiliate marketer, you only need to tap into the vast world of information that flows on Facebook every single day and use the opportunity to create awareness about some of the products you are promoting.

Content Sharing

If people like what you are sharing, it’s a matter of time before they can start liking and sharing the content with other friends as well through the ‘Share’ button. The ripple effect works to your benefit as you are able to reach a larger number of people than what you have on your friend’s list.

Your content will be better received if it is compelling. Before you start adding affiliate links, focus on providing content that can add value for people, entertain and encourage them to share.

You can take advantage of that to add your affiliate link at the end.

There are different ways you can offer content on Facebook as follows:

  • Write a Facebook post
  • Share a blog post
  • Link a YouTube Video
  • Share Images
  • Give stats via Infographics
  • Share a Podcast

Always remember to promote a product that you are familiar with. It becomes easier to highlight the pros and cons of a product and answer any questions you may get from your followers regarding the product.

Facebook Ads

Due to a rising demand to promote products on their platform, Facebook has set aside an ad system that allows you to place different ads for products you are promoting.

This option beats other advertising systems because of the worldwide reach of Facebook and can also save time you use on building a large following from content sharing alone.

The more people you reach, the more exposure you get and that soon turns to clicks and eventually sales.


Like Facebook, Twitter has a massive following and millions of users flock here to share short messages called ‘tweets’ that you read and digest on the go. For people looking for straightforward and to the minute flow of information, it promises good results even when used once a day for anywhere between 15-20 minutes.


Since Twitter only allows short messages of 140 characters per tweet, people often spend more time to get their message across.

This automatically generates keywords that when searched, help guide people to specific content.

If you come across something you like, you can easily follow the user or tweet to find out more.

By talking about things and products that interest you through tweets, you can send traffic to your Twitter account and ultimately to your blog/website by placing affiliate links (shortened to fit) at the end of your tweets.


Instagram boasts over 300m active users per month making it a great tool for affiliate marketing alongside Facebook and Twitter. It connects you with millions of potential customers and is a great opportunity to grow your affiliate business. If you are unfamiliar with Instagram and how you can use it in your affiliate marketing, you can learn some quick tips here to get started.

Increase Your Following

Without followers, you will be missing out on the huge potential that comes with using Instagram. Just like the other social networks, you gain followers here by socializing with other users and sharing value. If you are promoting a product in a particular niche, post comments on videos and images and be consistent. Ultimately, other users will notice you and follow you for more.

Include Hashtags

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram also incorporates hashtags with keywords to help you find or populate certain keywords that are necessary for what you are talking about.

Make sure you don’t add hashtags for the sake of it as you will lose credibility.

Your hashtags should be niche related at all times in order to stay relevant.

Create Videos

Instagram videos are only 15 seconds long but are perfect for attracting people to your Instagram account if you can capture the important things.

To make good videos, just focus on sending a quick message or a simple how-to-tutorial for the best results. Testimonials for products are also popular here and you can use them to great effect. Your affiliate link must be present at all times.

Mark Your Images

Images are still the main source of content on Instagram and should always be prioritized with your account. Adding your website logo or name to your images can help spread the word about your services. You can brand images with Photoshop or with any of the many photo-editing programs online like Canva.

Run Giveaways.

After you have built a good following, you will be in a better position to offer interesting offers like giveaways and contests.

Giveaways are perfect for attracting people to your account and can go a long way in forging lasting relationships with followers. By running contests and giveaways with related hashtags, you will be drawing more attention on the product and your account in the process. You don’t really have to give something out for free if you are not comfortable but you could offer something of value like a discount.


When you find a product you want to promote on social media, you get to save on the many hours and work involved in coming up with an interesting product yourself and making compelling landing pages that can convert sales. To get the best out of social media, try creating value first, engage and build your follower base and make it easier for people to trust you and benefit from what you are sharing